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Invisalign® Why Choose Us

BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY that can make your Invisalign treatment 30-50% faster!

Have a wedding, graduation, or another special engagement that is coming up?
Love the idea of a beautiful new smile but not enthusiastic about the length of the treatment? Now you can make the all-new "Acceledent" part of your treatment plan, and shorten your treatment time as much as 50%! Acceledent is a small/portable mouthpiece that you bite down on for just 20 minutes a day. It uses "SoftPulse Technology" which gently vibrates as you bite, thus allowing your teeth movements to happen more quickly! The device is hands-free, so you can use it as you work, watch tv, read, etc. This makes an amazing, nearly invisible orthodontic treatment even more incredible!!

How do you know which doctor to choose to do your Invisalign?
There is an important difference in the experience of various dentists and orthodontists. Dr. Zambrano is a Super Elite Premier Provider.What does this mean? Invisalign gives provider designations based on their experience level and how many cases they have completed. Dr. Zambrano has been a provider of Invisalign since 2000, and an Elite Provider since 2005. He was in the first group of Super Elite providers, and is in the top 1% of all providers of Invisalign. He has completed more cases than anyone on the East Coast of the United States at nearly 2,000 cases! You can get the "Super Elite" designation by completing 800 cases in total, and so having completed nearly 2,000, he is far more experienced in Invisalign than any other doctors on the East Coast! He even teaches Invisalign in special training forums. The specifications for the designations are as follows:

  • SUPER ELITE = MINIMUM 800 INVISALIGN PATIENTS IN TOTAL (We have completed nearly 2,000!)

It is important to find out how experienced your provider is!!

Is there a difference in general dentists vs an orthodontic specialist doing my Invisalign treatment?
Many general dentists are now "moonlighting" in the field of Orthodontics by offering Invisalign. Unfortunately, most consumers are not aware of the problem with this new phenomenon of dentists practicing orthodontics. In terms of education, a dental professional will first become a general dentist after 4 years of post-graduate dental school. If an orthodontic degree is desired, this requires an ADDITIONAL 2-3 years of schooling AFTER dental school. Dentists do not have this additional requirement as their scope of work does not generally include moving teeth and bone. If you watch this brief video, you will understand why having a dentist do your orthodontic work is never a wise idea.

No more messy faces or gagging from impressions!

Advanced digital technologies can now be used to help to make the Invisalign system even more effective, including state-of-the-art, 3D digital scanning by Otero systems that can be used instead of the traditional messy molds for impressions. Our office has purchased this cutting-edge piece of equipment.This speeds the process of manufacturing aligners that are perfectly created for each unique individual. This means better-fitting aligners and faster treatments as well!

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