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Art Show For “Touching Miami With Love”

By August 2, 2017in the community
Art Show For “Touching Miami With Love”
Some of the artists from "TML" and patrons

Some of the artists from “TML” and patrons

“Touching Miami With Love” (“TML”) is one of the Zambrano’s very favorite local charity. It is an afterschool program in Overtown that is run with such love and such order and the kids there are just wonderful and so appreciative to be a part of this phenomenal group! The Zambrano’s took their kids to an art show that the teens had at their facility last year, the kids had painted all their own work, made greeting cards, and had photography which they were selling to make money for their summer camp. The Zambrano’s were so impressed, they said they would like to bring the beautiful show to their own community of Key Biscayne. This past April, they did. Hundreds of people came to be exposed to these precious kids, their adorable work, and this incredible organization. All of the profits went to helping them with programming, etc, and it was a phenomenal success!

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