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Bringing Kids Motivational Speakers

By August 3, 2017in the community
Bringing Kids Motivational Speakers

Sunny Odogwu is an incredible young man who has overcome obstacles that most people we know will never face. Born in rural Nigeria, Sunny was raised in extreme poverty, with mainly no clothes, no shoes, sleeping on the dirt in a hut, and doing manual labor to help his family since he could speak and walk. When his father died when Sunny was a teen, he had the opportunity to come to the United States to pursue his athletics and an education. He went to school in Georgia, then Maryland, and ended up being accepted to the University of Miami where he is a star on the football team, but even moreso in the classroom. He graduated this May as a junior, and will start his MBA in the Fall! He was one of only 4 college athletes in the county that received a prestigious “Who’s Who” academic award, and the only football player. His story is one of faith and strength and overcoming the unthinkable, and the kids from “Touching Miami with Love” in Overtown and the teens from Miami Bridge (Miami’s only teen homeless shelter) were mesmerized by him!

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