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Helping A Local Housekeeper With Terminal Cancer

By August 2, 2017in the community
Helping A Local Housekeeper With Terminal Cancer

Alicia is a kind, gentle soul, working with a local Key Biscayne family for many years. Her only daughter, Jennifer (8), was born in the United States and has never known any other life. When Alicia was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she made the choice to move back to rural Mexico to be with her family, and to introduce her daughter to the extended family who would become her guardians once Alicia passed. The Zambranos rallied the Island Angels to help them in many ways, raising over $1500 to help her with her expenses, making a photobook with the help of a professional photographer to have a book for the daughter to not only remember her mother, but also to remember all of her friends and teachers from the school she attended her whole life. A locket was made of a special picture of mom and daughter for both the daughter to keep and for Alicia to wear when she passed. And the two were sent on their first-ever vacation to the Keys, all expenses paid, and with the royal treatment given to them by all who worked in the resort. Some Island Angels became so close with Alicia and Jennifer they had them for Christmas, kept Jennifer through the holidays, etc. It was a beautiful community effort to help a beautiful woman.

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