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Our Kids Are “Kids With Heart”!

By August 2, 2017in the community
Our Kids Are “Kids With Heart”!
Delaney, age 8, is awarded the "Kids with Heart" award!

Delaney, age 8, is awarded the “Kids with Heart” award!

Our kids are young, but we dedicate a lot of our family time to helping others. Our older daughter, Delaney, was awarded an incredible honor at just 8 years old! Nominated by her aunt, Delaney beat out countless teenagers throughout Miami (yes, she was just 8!) to win the “Kids with Heart” award given to the kid that gives the most back to their community. She has been an active participant in and also has initiated countless philanthropic efforts since she was just 5. She has worked with homeless, foster kids, orphanages, soldiers, the blind, seniors, cut her hair off for “Locks of Love”, and many others. She has an inate sense of compassion and compulsion to help others. Her little sister Peri is following in her footsteps! We are so proud of them both!

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