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Making Fun Field Trips Accessible To Everyone

By August 1, 2017in the community
Making Fun Field Trips Accessible To Everyone

A big part of helping others is asking people in a position to do great things to do them! The Zambrano’s have organized field trips for the kids from “New Life” and “Touching Miami with Love” to the Key Biscayne Nature Center. These trips are about day trips where the kids are all picked up in a bus, given lunch, and treated to a day of fun and learning about the ocean, the mangroves, and the environment. The kids just love it. Recently they arranged for the kids from “His House” Orphanage to enjoy a night out at the “New World Symphony”. And it was a day at the movies for the teens at “TML” when their beach day got rained out! It’s always wonderful when these fantastic places will open their hearts and their doors to these kids that need it so much!

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