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Passing Out Ipads To The Wounded Soldiers In The Military Hospital In Dc!

By August 2, 2017in the community

Amy Zambrano joined creator of the not-for-profit “” Winnie Pritchett, General Cartwright, and Prichett’s family to personally deliver 52 ipad 2s to the severely wounded soldiers in recovery at the Army/Navy hospital in Washington DC. The organization was created by Pritchett when her only son, Wes, was deployed to the most dangerous province of Afghanistan last Fall. He reported that the thing the soldiers wanted/needed the most were ipads. Because they are small and light weight, they can easily fit in their packs and taken into missions, replacing bulky computers, books, games, cameras, etc. The “face time” feature enables them to better communicate with their loved ones, and there are even military apps that help their missions! As money is raised, ipads are shipped overseas to the soldiers in the most danger, suffering the most losses, as both a tool to make life easier and a way to show these young men and women that they have not been forgotten, and that we appreciated their sacrifices. Pritchett has raised over $400,000 in less than a year and has delivered over 550 ipads to troops, both hospitalized and overseas. Amy is very passionate about helping this amazing cause. Please visit the website at

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