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By August 2, 2017in the community
Delaney and her partner, Eric, with some of the people at "His House" Orphanage

Delaney and her partner, Eric, with some of the people at “His House” Orphanage

The Zambrano’s initiated and funded a “Pay-it-forward” project for the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at St. Christophers Montessori School on Key Biscayne. Amy (Dr. Zambrano’s wife) did a presentation on the importance of volunteering, even at a young age. Then kids were paired together and given $100 as “seed” money for the project. The kids were told to select a charity of their choice, contact them to see what was on their wish list, and determine what they would help them to collect (books, diapers, food, etc). They were instructed to “grow” the $100 by asking friends and family to donate some items, holding bake sales, getting businesses to match their purchases, setting up collection boxes in church, etc. Once they had collected all the items, they toured their charity and presented them with the items. They composed letters explaining that they were just doing this to be kind, and that all they asked in return was that the recipients “pay it forward” by doing something for someone else when given the opportunity, thus starting a chain of kindness. Then they all did presentations on their efforts. It was amazing!

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