Happy Patient

By April 23, 2013

My experience at Dr. Zambrano.. My daughter is a new patient there and everyone has been very nice. I am very pleased with the staff, Marie,Angie, Gloria and the people in the front. They’re extremely friendly.. They tend to cater the kids. I felt really good at the office, how they treat customers and how they are attentive to everybody’s questions and I observed a lot of hands on to whatever the person needs. I am very happy I picked Dr. Zambrano. My daughter enjoyed the visit. Wasn’t scared. They made her feel really comfortable.This is my 3rd visit and just the way they answer the phone, want to help you out if you have any questions. I am really happy I went there. I definitely will say to my friends to go there.. Marie was extremely helpful, called that night that she got braces on to see how she was feeling.. and Angie who made the whole arrangement was very friendly and nice. Dr. Zambrano was very personable very nice doctor.

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