Rogelio Cisneros

By November 9, 2006

Dear Dr. Zambrano, Having been coming to your office for some time now, I just wanted to let you know something that warrants taking action on your part. First of all, I wanted to thank you for the great job that you did on Isabella’s teeth. She is so happy to have almost perfect teeth now, and to finally be finished having to wear the wires. I am a man that observes detail and loves quality and I can say for sure that at your office you have and do a lot of things that are quality and deserve mention. The set-up of the office, the plastic covers that you place on the headrest and the way the girls immediately clean and disinfect the working area are some of those things that I am talking about. However, what really impressed me the most is your and your staffs personal attention and the energy and professionalism that you all bring to the job on a daily basis. I can honestly tell you that my daughter was always treated with great care, respect, and with a big smile. I would like for you to please let everyone know how, in spite of whatever personal problems any one of them might have had in all of the time that we came to your office, not once did I experience a negative reaction from any of the following people that I think deserve praise and recognition. I hope that I am not leaving anyone out. I think the following deserve much recognition for a job well done. I’ll start with Yadira and the professional way in which she always takes the time to be courteous and answer all questions, followed by Jenny who also is always very helpful. Of course we can’t leave out the rest of the staff…they are who dealt directly with my daughter and her treatment. To all at Crabill and Zambrano, I really appreciate all that you did and more importantly the way in which you did it. Thank you to Norma, Vicky, Dermis, Marcia and Veronica. I hope that I got everyone’s name. -Sincerely, Rogelio Cisneros (Consultant at the Service Quality Institute)

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